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Working with Jo Anne...

Because time is fleeting, I love creating amazing images that freeze the moment, for you to treasure for a lifetime! I want them to be the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself and your loved ones. To do that, I follow a tried and true set of steps that my clients love because it make it a simple, easy and fun experience! By guiding you every step of the way, you always know exactly what to expect and what comes next, from booking, right on through delivery. Your job is simply to smile and enjoy the journey!  This way we're always on the same page, creating priceless images together!

Step 1

Getting to know each other...

We believe in real connections...photoshoots that start with a handshake and end with a hug! :) We'll start with a simple chat by email, phone or Zoom. I want to hear all about what has inspired your photoshoot, who will be included, and how you envision your session. Do you have a location in mind? Time-frame? Etc. Do you have any special concerns? I'm easy to talk to! Remember, I'm here for you and we both want the same thing... amazing images for you to cherish for a lifetime!

We believe in welcoming questions and giving honest answers. Communication is key, so it's important to never make assumptions. Every photographer is different - different styles, service, prices and different things included. So be sure to always ask instead of assuming that any two photographers are the same. :)

Step 2

Putting it all to paper...

I always want you to feel safe and secure every moment. It's not just about helping you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera - you need to know I've got your back every step of the way! That starts with putting all the details into writing.

I've heard clients' outrageous and infuriating stories of  no-show "photographers" and last-minute cancellations - the common thread - no paperwork! That red flag screams amateur!

With me, you're hiring a real professional who does things right. That means when you're ready to book, you'll simply provide your contact info for the paperwork, which I'll email to you along with an invoice for the retainer (partial payment via any major credit/debit card). Once I receive everything, your date is locked in, along with your peace of mind. :)

Step 3

Need help planning?

Not sure about where you'll display all the beautiful portraits we'll be creating? Feel free to book a complementary Zoom Planning Consult and take me on a virtual tour of your home so I can help you decide what portrait products would work best, and offer my professional guidance with suggestions on where to display them.

With my full line of ready-to-hang wall art, featuring Framed Prints, Canvas Gallery Wraps, and Framed Metal Prints, there's something perfect for every room!

When we plan ahead together, knowing where the images will hang, I can keep that in mind during your photoshoot - :ie. If we know you'll want three vertical images over the couch and one horizontal above the fireplace, I'll shoot with that intention, so you get exactly what you need! :)

If you don't opt for the free consult, simply email some floor-to-ceiling snapshots of the walls your considering in each room, so I can at least help guide you on your best options during your selection appointment. :)

Step 4

How to look your best...

We love capturing your inner beauty, and we want the outside of you to look great too! ;) Upon booking, you'll receive our What to Wear Guide to help you plan to look your best! Once you've made your preliminary decisions on outfits, try them on or lay them out and email me some snapshots so I can double check things for you. What looks great on you in person isn't always as flattering in photographs, so it's best to plan together, so everyone shows up feeling confident about their choices. :)

For family or group sessions, show me everyone's outfits so I can see if there's anything that would cause too much attention to be drawn to one person or make another get lost in the group. This is especially important if all the people don't live in the same household. You can collect the snapshots from everyone and email them yourself, or you can have everyone email me directly. :)

When you feel confident, you look beautiful!

Step 5

Your fun photoshoot...

We believe in organic smiles, so this will be a blast! I'm so excited about creating images I know you'll love, so session day is so much fun for me, and I love making it fun for you too! I have this incredibly magical gift of being able to make people feel really comfortable in front of the camera, and that lets your inner beauty and personality shine!

Just bring your smile and I'll do the rest! I make sure you always know what to do, how to pose, where to look, and what expressions we're going for, so you never feel awkward or unsure of yourself. I promise that you're in the most caring, compassionate of hands. This will actually be FUN! :)

Step 6

This part is all on me...

We believe in making things easier for you, so here's where we do all the heavy lifting. After your session, I spend many hours behind the scenes working on the images - first culling through to delete the outtakes. I then select the best of each pose by painstakingly comparing all the details to determine the very best images from your session that meet the Defining Imagery standard I'm known for. These are called the Artist's Selects - the ones that I edit and prepare for your selection appointment.

Once they're ready for viewing, we'll set up your Selection Appointment.

Step 7

Your selection appointment...

We believe in smiling so hard that your face hurts! :)

Now its time to view the edited images! You'll laugh, you'll cry! Then you'll use a star rating system to score each image.  My clients love this because it makes it so easy to determine their favorites and decide what they want to purchase. Once we know your favorites, I'll answer all your questions and help guide you on which products work best for each image and we'll place your order.

You deserve to be surrounded by beauty! Typically, clients want one of our multi-image Ready-to-Hang Gallery Arrangements to display over their couch, on the dining room wall, or up the stairway. Another popular choice is selecting smaller groupings or individual images for various locations around the home. Then, for your favorites images that aren't going on the wall, my clients love purchasing either a gorgeous custom designed Luxury Album or Classic Coffee Table Book as an incredible keepsake. :)

For your convenience, we accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal. We believe in removing the obstacle of cost, so we also offer customized interest-free weekly or monthly payment plans of whatever amount is comfortable for you. :)

Step 8

From file to Fine Art Prints...

We believe that beautiful portraits make the world a better place!

Once your order is placed at your Selection Appointment, I will personally retouch your selected images and prepare them for final output. I then upload the files to my professional lab where your amazing images come to life as Fine Art Prints.

Once your order has arrived, I double check it, gush over it, jealously want to keep it for myself, LOL!, then contact you for pickup. :)

It genuinely moves my Soul, knowing your gorgeous images are now ready to go home with you as the incredible Heirloom Portraits that will adorn your walls, to be treasured by you for a lifetime, and passed down through the generations as your legacy, preserving your family history for generations to come!

"Your Life in Fine Art!"©


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"Your Life in Fine Art!"©

Enjoy a session slideshow! This one happens to be for maternity. Don't be shy about asking to see samples from other genres! :)

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Do you exist in portraits?

You may have a zillion snapshots of yourself on your cell phone if you're single  - and if you're a mom, there's probably a slew of snaps of the kids, but what about you? When was the last time you and those you love were professionally photographed? We believe there's a world of difference between snapshots and professional portraiture, and we think you're worth it!

What images will be your legacy? If you're like most people, you've lost tons of priceless images when you replaced your computer or lost your phone. If your images don't exist in print, they're not going to exist for generations to come. We now have a whole generation of people who have experienced the heartbreak of having no photographs of their childhood, because their parents never printed their digital images and the devices that held them are long gone! It's heart wrenching!

What legacy of images will exist for your children years from now, when you are gone? Exist in portraits! Capture this priceless moment now, to cherish for a lifetime and pass down through the generations as your legacy... because only a photograph can make time stand still!

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